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Tips For Getting Pregnant

Tips For Getting Pregnant
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John P Miley Review

John P. Miley has devoted his entire life to wellness. He is a licensed acupuncturist based in Minneapolis. He is also a and Chinese Traditional Medicine expert, and he has owned his own practice since 1999. In the years that have followed he has focused on creating a mind-body balance for his patients in the belief that the parts of the body are best healed by treating the body as a whole.

Over the course of his many years of practice he has treated hundreds of couples who were diagnosed by traditional physicians as being infertile. By using the best practices of natural medicine, acupuncture and restorative exercises, he has helped them to achieve their fertility goals. In the interest of helping couples far beyond his immediate geographical location in Minneapolis, he has written the Whole Body Fertility program, which provides couples with the opportunity to use his proven method wherever they are and without the use of acupuncture.

John P. Miley Acupuncture

The Whole Body Fertility program uses a combination of visualization, breathing exercises, and relaxation, with the idea in mind that once the body is freed of stress, it can heal itself and return to the state of balance needed to get pregnant. Years of working with couples struggling with infertility have taught him that stress has a very negative effect on the reproductive system. Although traditional medicine and fertility treatments focus on that system, trying to fix it or modify it, John's approach is to treat the body as a whole with the certainty that once the body is healed it will take care of its individual parts.

Mind-Body Theory

Mind-body balance is one of the most important parts of the Whole Body Fertility program. It is John's experience that couples going through fertility struggles and infertility treatments have unusually high levels of stress, and this stress effectively shuts down their reproductive system.

Many patients told him about how the entire treatment protocol provided by their physicians had made them lose their sense of warmth and love - they'd lost the human side of trying to conceive and were instead consumed by following procedures and paying attention to timing and mechanics.

What the whole body fertility program is able to offer is a natural approach that restores a sense of wellness through exercises, breathing exercises and emotional healing. This offers a sort of 'reset button' for couples who are trying to get pregnant, and has proven to be highly successful.


For couples who are trying to improve their chances of getting pregnant, John P. Miley offers a comprehensive program, including your choice of his downloadable ebook for just thirty nine dollars or a hard copy of the book which he'll mail to you for just forty two dollars plus shopping.

Online he offers a free bonus of nutritional information for fertility and a blog that constantly provides his clients with updated information and valuable tips for restoring the mind body balance and achieving the inner harmony that will help them with their pregnancy pursuits.

Miley promises that in addition to providing balance that will restore your natural fertility, following his program will also give you more energy and a calmer happier overall outlook on life.


john p miley review

John P. Miley is a licensed acupuncturist, and though he firmly believes that acupuncture is one of the best treatments for couples who are trying to get pregnant, he has modified his fertility program for at home use so that acupuncture is not required.

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