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Tips For Getting Pregnant

Tips For Getting Pregnant
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Fertility Treatments

Fertility Treatments

If you have been
trying to get pregnant and have not yet succeeded, then you may consider looking into alternative ways to get pregnant. The fertility treatments available these days are endless and range hugely in price. As an IVF consultant, I see people spend upwards from $10,000 on fertility treatments every day! Here I outline some of the most common treatments available at a range of prices. However, before you try any of the more expensive options, I recommend that you try the cheaper fertility treatments first.

Get Tested First

If you are looking for advice on how to increase fertility, I hope that by now you have tested your partners sperm. Male infertility accounts for 35% of all infertility, so it is important to get sperm analysed at a clinic before embarking on any major fertility treatments.

Fertility treatments for women should really start at ovulation, after all, this is the essential time to get pregnant. Infertility is commonly caused by ovulation problems. The best way to determine when or if you are ovulating, is to purchase an ovulation kit.

Keep a record of the test results and the day in your cycle that you ovulate as you may need this information later on. The rule is simple. Have intercourse ONE TIME on the days that you are ovulating.

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If after three to six months of using an ovulation kit you do not fall pregnant, then you may need assistance from a clinic. The clinic will give your body a full check to determine what may be causing the infertility. It could be many factors, and fertility treatments for women are determined by individual needs.

If ovulation is a problem you will be put on a course of a drug called clomid. Clomid aides in stimulation for ovulation. Statistics suggest that 75% of women who do not ovulate WILL ovulate when given clomid. Clomid however does not increase egg production and clomid success rates drop considerably in women over 35 years of age.

With most fertility problems, IVF may be the next and final step. Although IVF success rates are only 40% (and this statistic is not based on the first cycle) it does beat many fertility problems where normal conception simply will not occur. The IVF success rate does decrease for woman over the age of 35, and also in women with PCOS and problematic fallopian tubes.


Fertility treatments cost vary depending on what you willing to do, and on what you are willing to pay. A male semen analysis with cost around $600 and is an essential part of any serious attempts at having a baby if you think as a couple that fertility is a problem. Ovulation kits range in price from $20 - $150 and are essential in determining if you are ovulating.

A three month course of clomid can cost under $300, especially if you purchase it online rather than from a fertility treatment centre. In terms of fertility treatment costs, IVF is at the top of the scale. The IVF cost will be dependent on the clinic and the individual needs of the patient. Prices range between $10000 - 15000 for the first cycle. If embryos are frozen from the first cycle, then subsequent implantation costs range from $2000 - $4000.

There are numerous other fertility treatments for women which are lower in cost than clinical treatments, and that have excellent success rates. Before you start paying a lot of money, I would advise you to read as much information as you can. Search the net, go to the library or purchase an e-book online. Some fertility treatment e-books have 100% success rates or come with a money back guarantee - which hopefully you won't have to use! I wish you well in your quest for pregnancy and motherhood!

Good luck!